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On 9th April, 2013 it was announced by the BBC that the next season of the only uncontested show to make it to the Bunker, Death In Paradise, would be the last for Ben Miller. The next season will be the third season (to air in 2014), after which the lead role will be taken over by Kris Marshall, who will play DI Humphrey Goodman…

kris marshall

To this we say a resounding ‘NO’!

Our current plans including holding a wake for the death of Death In Paradise during the screening of the last Ben Miller episode. It’s not that we have anything against Kris Marshall furthering his career, we just don’t want Ben Miller to leave DIP.


NB: The title Death In Paradise included in the Heavens Of The Final 10 will ONLY be the Ben Miller episodes from season 1-3.

ben miller relaxed

Ben seems to be rather relaxed about the whole thing….