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It might be hard to believe that someone could be more persnickety than Ben Millers character DI Poole in Death In Paradise, but then Shirley Henderson entered the arena. Shirley starred alongside Ben Miller in episode 6 of season 1.

Shirley Henderson is also known as ‘Moaning Myrtle’ from The Harry Potter series, as well as being in Trainspotting, Hamish Macbeth, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Doctor Who, Miss Petigrew Lives For A Day & The Crimson Petal and The White.



Angela Young, played by Shirley Henderson, being sternly spoken to by Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, played by Don Warrington


Episode Synopsis: With Richard struck down by a tropical disease and Camille in Paris, it is left to Dwayne and Fidel to solve the apparently impossible murder of a local diver. As if their job isn’t tough enough, they also have to contend with holidaying British cop DS Angela Young, who proves to be even more annoying than Richard.