Let’s Get Ready To Ruuumble!

So,  you’ve made your nominations and set forth your reasons for inclusion in The Bunker.

Now it could be that somehow your outstanding nomination has not previously come to the attention of the other Bunker Community members, so voting may take some time to resolve. While we wait for all Bunker Community members to to watch the nominations (as per Rule 4: All titles have to have been viewed by all members of The Bunker Community in order to formulate a valid argument for or against.) the voting arena shall be open but be aware – ALL VOTES ARE FINAL!


  1. Odina, I could not sit through this again, if Big Fish was in The Bunker I would happily sit outside and wait for the zombies………

    • Inker….. it concerns me greatly your vehement objection against this title (Big Fish)…. I know that this title has gone to the ‘sudden death’ DCT (Decider Coin Toss), however this format is not going to work in the long run. We can only take 10 titles in, if every title reaches a 50/50 split and ultimately decided by DCT then we will end up with 20 titles. Clearly, when it comes to organising a fifth ‘decider’ I don’t trust you and you don’t trust me (which seems to spawn from your fear of having to watch Gone With The Wind) but we are going to HAVE to come up with another sudden death decider method.

And so say we all?

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