Where’s This Bunker & What’s This All About??

Zombies rule the world, it’s no longer safe above ground. What to do? Where to go?

Well that’s simple – head to The Bunker! Where is The Bunker? Well, we know where ours is, you can build yours wherever you see fit.

Of course you’ve been preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse for years – food, drink and power etc. are not a concern. What is a concern is what will you do for entertainment? Space is limited, you have to be brutal with your decisions as to what would come and what has to stay above ground. So if you had to nominate just 10 TV shows and 10 movies to stand the test of time, what would you choose?

You’re sharing the bunker with others so debate will be inevitable. You’re all good friends entering The Bunker, however based on your decisions you may not be friends when you emerge. Be prepared to justify your selections and why it is these titles should go with you. Perhaps you might base your selection on entertainment value, or historical significance or your sole aim is to annoy your Bunker companions.

The terms and conditions are as follows –

– Each member of The Bunker nominates their Top 10 TV and Movie titles and must convince the others why their selections deserve a spot in The Final Top 10.

– TV title’s are permitted to be an entire series, however movie titles do not encompass sequels, prequels, sidequels or quarter quells.

– If 3 or more members of The Bunker Community agree on a title then they shall have majority vote and debate surrounding said title shall be rested. Likewise, if 3 or more members of The Bunker Community vote against a title then debate surrounding said title is rested.

– All titles have to have been viewed by all members of The Bunker Community in order to formulate a valid argument for or against.

– We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

Keep in mind you could be in The Bunker for many years, decades even, so choose wisely…

And so say we all?

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