Big Fish, Small Bunker….

Posted: February 17, 2013 by Inkar Yerzhan in Movies
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As stipulated in the rules myself and Boris ‘The Scar’ have now watched Big Fish and are thus suitably informed to comment on this nomination.

I had high hopes for this, given that the wonderful Ewan McGregor was in it…

However, Ewan McGregor with a fake Southern American accent was such a put off that it made it hard to appreciate his (as usual), great acting skills and beautiful smile. I felt it was Carl The Giant who stole the show.

Big Fish was a fun movie, but it was Forrest Gump with McGregor – rather than Hanks as Forrest. Watching it once was enough – we therefore vote no to this movie.

  1. I have simply one question regarding your denial of the nomination for Big Fish – was your brain somehow starved of oxygen during your viewing of said title?

    As this is the only concievable reason that you would compare Big Fish to Forrest Gump I feel that maybe you weren’t paying close enough attention. To be honest, I am not convinced at this moment that you have even seen Forrest Gump due to this worrying comparison. Yes, Ewan McGregor’s accent is a little off-putting for the first 10 minutes or so but if you allow your imagination to get carried away then this is forgivable. Also, bearing in mind that CGI in 2003 was not what CGI is today perhaps you somehow expected more than a fulfilling and entertaining story line to keep your appetite sated. You know, they even used REAL flowers under Sandra Templetons window, as even the filming crew will testify (check out

    Speaking of using real foliage in filming, I believe that filming of Doctor Who, Season 6 (after it’s return in 2009), episode 7, was delayed as Stephen Moffat failed too take into account how long a cornfield would take to grown. Oh, but I divert, you have 50 years of episodes to catch up on prior to that one so not to worry about it at the moment.

    It concerns me that the best thing you took from this film was not the endearing plot line, not the cleverness of the script, not the witty playfulness on words dotted throughout the film that are oh-so-easy to miss, but you took away Carl… Carl The Giant, who is adorable in his own way but whose role, let’s face it, is minimal. Do you really think that in world where zombies rule the above that a little ray of sunshine such as Big Fish will not be exactly what is required?

    Inkar, I note that you have remarked that both yourself and Boris “The Scar’ intent to vote no, however I ask you to reconsider prior to lodging your official vote via the voting “Let’s Get Ready To Ruuumble’ arena. Please remember that all votes are final, and I would also like to make a friendly suggestion that if Big Fish is not a title that you can see yourself being locked in The Bunker with, that what is your counter nomination???

    • Inkar Yerzhan says:

      Odina, it is possible I missed some of the finer points you make in the above reply – alas I am certain I nodded off on more than one occassion due to sheer boredom…

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