Ben Miller Wednesday!

Posted: February 6, 2013 by Odina Karimov in Ben Miller, Ben Miller Wednesday
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Ben Miller (of course)

Ben Miller (of course)

Today on BMW we bring an excerpt from Ben Miller’s Death In Paradise Diary written whilst filming season 1 of the wonderful Death In Paradise. Filming in Guadeloupe takes its toll at times on the actor, especially as the character Ben Miller portrays insists on wearing a woolen suit on a Caribbean island.

Initially, with the beach, the family out here and the occasional fresh coconut milk, Guadeloupe was all very exciting. But now the family have left, and after two or three weeks it has sunk in. I’m on a desert island. On my own. And everybody I know has gone back home to the other side of the world. Oh my God, what have I done?

The above excerpt is from 22nd May 2011, the entire diary can be read at:

  1. Yes, Gwen Cooper, the only thing that has been decided with absolute certainty at this stage is that Death In Paradise will be making it to The Bunker at an uncontested vote of 4 all. There really was no need for all 4 Bunker Community Members to nominate the same show and miss out on other nominations 🙂

  2. Gwen Cooper says:

    I love Ben Miller Wednesday and Death In Paradise is my favourite show on TV – so my question to The Bunker Community is why do only one of you have this epic series on your list? It appears only Inkar has it listed, will Death In Paradise make it into The Bunker?

And so say we all?

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