The Rules Are Clear

Posted: January 30, 2013 by Inkar Yerzhan in Movies

Heraldo may well challenge the bunker rules, however his argument is not valid.

I refer specifically to the wording in the rules ‘Movie titles’ – and subsequent mention of prequels, sequels and sidequels…….. if Heraldo wishes to nominate ‘Star Wars’ as a title then this would be the original Star Wars, other movies that have Star Wars in the title (ie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope), and are sequels and prequels, are separate titles and would therefore count as ‘another movie’.

Whilst this is an unfortunate restriction of what is truly an epic film series (and franchise) exceptions cannot be made.

Heraldo maybe able to ‘free-up’ a spot with an extra Star Wars episode guaranteed if three (3) members were to unanimously vote out Gone With The Wind…


  1. Heraldo’s Rebuttal: In that case, Heraldo chooses to store his movie titles ie. Star Wars… on blue ray disc and will label such disc with one (1) title: STAR WARS. What say you? This is not just an option for oneself but for all member of The Bunker Community should they also choose this path.

    PS – Said members will not be bribed, nor coerced by any other Bunker Community members in regards to Gone With The Wind

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